Shamrock Shake, Thought to be Extinct Found!

I’m not one to care about the Shamrock Shake, but after a discussion acured between co workers, we realized these things are very hard to find these days.

 One co worker called several different locations around Orange County, most Micky D’s employee’s said, they don’t have them and one even said, “We don’t have one yet.” It was the day before St Patrick’s Day… How could they not have them yet? When will they get them? The day after the holiday? Long story short, he was unable to find one and we went back to work.

No Shamrock Shakes in SoCal?!? Busted! 😛

The order screen said it’s a Chocolate Shake and when I tried to correct the mistake, I was told they don’t have a button for it because they’re not supposed to have it…

What’s the story behind the disappearing Shamrock Shake?!?!?!

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