My New Found Love… Spinning

spin-off-clipart-bicycle_exercise_clip_art_16631During Christmas 2015, I traveled back east to the cold wintery weather, to spend some great quality time with my family. Being that I’m now acclimated to the sunny warm California weather, and often enjoying a nice relaxing day by the pool in January and February, I wasn’t ready for the cold temperatures. I was very content with hiding under multiple layers of clothing and blankets to stay warm, and drinking lots of hot coffee. But continuing my motivation to work out while I was there was very important. It took a lot of extra effort to gain the willingness to take off the layers and put on tight… thin… workout clothes. To venture into the cold car and drive to the gym, where I’d have to get out of the finally warmed up car, to venture through the cold yet again to get inside the building.

It took a lot of effort to make it to the gym, much more than what’s needed in California, but I did it a few times. 😛 🙂 (by the way, a little history on me, I grew up in Pennsylvania… by the lake, where we often times had feet of snow to deal with when a lake effect snow storm would come through. So the cold shouldn’t both me…) One day, my step mother invited me to join a spinning class with her, I believe the class we originally planned to attend was canceled so we jumped in on this one. This wasn’t the first spin class I’ve ever attended. My first experience was several years ago when I was in college, but I only intent was to try it and I wasn’t serious about keep it up on a weekly bias.

Something changed when I took the spin class in December, my interest in fitness had grown tremendous since my first attempt at spinning, and I absolutely loved the intensity and the music in that class. I wobbled away at the end of the hour amazed at how much of a workout that was, so much different than the normal stationary bikes I’ve tried once or twice. I loved the feeling days after that class as well, so I decided to look into a class in my area upon my return to CA.

IMG_6841I found one that I now attend every Saturday morning. I love working out in the morning, not only do I get the benefits of the work out, it always gets my butt up and moving for the rest of the day. I’m so much more productive after that Saturday morning class and I don’t feel bad if I decide to be lazy the rest of the day. I know I’ve already torched tons of calories that morning. 🙂

The bottom line is find what makes you happen and what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. It’s a much better feeling to be active and work towards goals rather than to waste your life binge watching Netflix all day.



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