IMG_7467.JPGI’m in no way new to working out and eating healthy, but I am new to making a healthy life style the focus of my life. Working out and eating healthy has always been a struggle for me. Yes, I tried to always go to the gym. Yes, I tried to pick the healthiest options when came to eating, but in the end I never understood what it took to live a healthy lifestyle.

I always made excuses. I felt too tired to get out of bed early, I was mentally drained,  couldn’t focus and wanted to spend a lot of time sitting on the couch watching TV.

At the end of January, enough was enough and I was ready to make a change. I saw several of my friends posting motivational updates and sharing their experiences and struggles during the process of changing their lives. I wanted to join in and make the change for myself.

In February I started the 21 Day Fix program and joined an accountability Facebook group and I’m so happy I did, it has changed my life. After the 21 Day Fix, I quickly jumped into the 21 Day Fix Extreme now my current love Hammer and Chisel. I’m not in it for the fads or trends, beachbody has taught me the things I needed to know about working out and eating healthy. These programs taught me the things I was struggling with for years and they gave me the determination to success and showed me I can do it on my own!

During the process I decided to sign up with Beach Body as a coach to help other people find the motivation to change their lives.


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